Hedin Automotive

Giovanni Vergucht | Director Customer Service

Giovanni Vergucht: "I have already gained some experience with Plan-IT at my previous employer. When I joined Hedin Automotive in 2017, I soon discovered that the after sales process could be more effective and efficient with the help of Plan-IT.

The Plan-IT team has always assisted us well and the implementation went very smoothly. After this implementation, we came up with ideas that were immediately picked up and further developed in Plan-IT.

In addition, we can always call on their helpdesk, which helps us very professionally and above all quickly. Sometimes it seems as if we have an advantage, but apparently that is the standard way of Plan-IT.

The efficiency that we can achieve with Plan-IT and an expert helpdesk complete the picture for us as Hedin. Plan-IT has helped us to get the after sales in order, so that our customers also benefit from it. Our customer satisfaction has improved significantly by using Plan-IT."

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