Porsche Centrum Gelderland

Porsche Centrum Gelderland

Porsche Centrum Gelderland is one of eight Porsche dealers in the Netherlands. They distinguish themselves through high customer satisfaction. They have become very broad with the Porsche Classic Center, their own damage repair company, their own leasing company and their own insurance policies.

Sander Heere, After sales director at Porsche Centrum Gelderland: “For us, Plan-IT is the guideline of what happens in the workshop. It is simply very important that the system always runs at a peak. Plan-IT regularly implements updates, listens very carefully to what the customer expects and anticipates on this. We actually use Plan-IT in all our branches. We have 3 workshops. Plan-IT is very transparent, very clear for every service advisor and the foreman.”

Joris van de Burgt, After sales manager at Porsche Centrum Gelderland: “We have been using Plan-IT since day one. That is a very nice combination with Autoline, which we work with. Autoline does not have such an advanced and nice scheduling module as Plan-IT. Plan-IT is simple, straightforward, and provides a clear overview of which cars are planned where, which service advisor we use by means of colors, which car is being treated and you can easily make a link to replacement transport. Because we also have our replacement transport scheduling in Plan-IT which is very important to us, because we still have about seventy loan cars in the fleet that we want to manage properly.”

Dennis Jansen, Service Advisor at Porsche Centrum Gelderland: “We actually use Plan-IT all day long in our daily work. We work in Autoline and the scheduling system Plan-IT actually takes over all data, so it is easy and clear.”

Vincent Putts, Foreman at Porsche Center Gelderland: “Plan-IT is actually the day-to-day running of our workshop. A customer comes in, makes an appointment and we schedule it. But every day so much is shifted in what comes in and with Plan-IT we can actually keep an eye on everything. In fact, everything that passes through the workshop is visualized in Plan-IT.”

Sander: “We have looked at several systems in the past, but I don't think there is a better system.”

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