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Pouw Automotive

The PON organization is currently migrating to a new Dealer Management System (DMS), Autoline from Keyloop.

Plan-IT has had a well-functioning link with Autoline for some time now. This is also the reason for Pouw Automotive, for example, to continue working with Plan-IT after the migration.

Plan-IT already supported Pouw Automotive before the transition to Autoline and performed a large number of tasks to guarantee a smooth transition.

Nico de Haan, Pouw Automotive After sales Director: “The transition to Autoline has a major impact on the organization, while scheduling via Plan-IT still feels familiar. This makes the acceptance of the new DMS easier. The after sales process could actually continue thanks to Plan-IT. Help and thinking from Plan-IT at the time of the migration was more than sufficient, functional and flexible. Our wishes were optimally met.”

Plan-IT in combination with Autoline offers an even better link than the previous DMS.
The improvement and therefore making the link more efficient, has continuous attention from both the makers of Plan-IT and Keyloop/Autoline.

“Plan-IT will be assessed even better after the migration, because in particular the statuses of the clock are also automatically updated. This gives us more insight with less work, which is very nice in the change phase such as Autoline takes with it.”

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