Volvo Mobility Centre

Volvo Mobility Centre

Mobility Center is the official Volvo Cars dealer for the southwest of the Netherlands with locations in Rotterdam, Barendrecht and Vlaardingen. In addition to the sale and service of the latest Volvo models, Mobility Center also has extensive experience in the maintenance of Volvos with older construction years.

Plan-IT plays a major role in the daily service and maintenance of all Volvo models. Marco van der Zant is very proud of Plan-IT in his position of Aftersales Manager.

"I started at a dealer where they worked with the planning board on the wall. When there was no alternative you could easily work with this. But gradually the wishes of the customers became more complex and the cards were often no longer sufficient. The introduction of the Plan-IT scheduling system was, therefore, a relief. The correct implementation required some effort, but after this everyone was used to this new scheduling system in no time."

He continues: "You don't have to have a degree to use it. Just working with it, you soon discover how easy it actually is and the many possibilities can be easily taken up."

With this Marco gets to the heart of the idea behind Plan-IT. It replaces the planning board on the wall, is easy to use, and immediately feels familiar. The various color schemes of the old planning board have also been adopted. Jobs can be scheduled more efficiently, so more hours can be sold. And more hours means more sales.

Another big advantage, according to Marco, is that with Plan-IT you can look at the workshop occupation of another branch from your own computer. "In my current position as Aftersales Manager, it is very easy for me to gain insight into the occupation of the three locations. Here too, the correct settings must be used. With one push of a button I can switch between our branches." If there is no space in your own auto repair workshop, you can use Plan-IT to check whether there is space at the other location. This prevents the customer from shopping elsewhere for the maintenance of his/her car.

Plan-IT can be connected to the most common DMS systems. This makes scheduling appointments a lot more efficient and simpler. In this way, Plan-IT can therefore also be 100% linked to the Volvo DMS system, iDas. "The most important points for me are the link with our invoicing system, iDas, and being able to set the color scheme yourself. This makes the variation of work clear and well-arranged. Also, the tools such as the warning to be set (pop-up) if there are too many waiters scheduled at the same time and overcapacity is prevented. This creates peace of mind. The replacement module is certainly unique to us. This allows me to immediately see which rental car has been given to which customer, and I can simply print a rental agreement for the customer and our administration."

When asked what he would like to tell his colleagues in the industry, who still work with a planning board on the wall, his answer is very clear. "Stop it. I know you would like to stick to the old and familiar. We used to have no computers and everything was still done manually. The introduction of the computer was a tricky point for many companies at the time. But now you can no longer go without. This is also the case with Plan-IT. The speed of the actual planning and then by indicating a few ticks, the schedule card is already ready, and it is in your overview. The service document is identical to the scheduling system, and you don't forget anything, so it doesn't matter if you lose your pen or highlighter again. According to my conviction: JUST DO IT!!! And since I've been using Plan-IT, I've never suddenly lost tickets again. There were times when the Sales department replaced a ticket to give priority to a delivery. I was there on Monday morning at the counter with a customer I didn't know had an appointment for his maintenance. Let alone, how to put your scheduling back in order if the planning board has fallen off the wall. Just get on with it and then straighten everything out again."

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