New release: Plan-IT Workshop version 7.191.3604 available


Since January 4th 2024, a new version of Plan-IT Workshop is available.

You can find the Update Procedure here.

When you have questions regarding the new release, then please contact our helpdesk via: or via 0031 85-2362500

Plan-IT Workshop version 7.191.3940

Changes / Additions

  • Added the option to start a WhatsApp conversation in SaySimple directly via the Plan-IT work order.
  • Clipboard work orders are now also passed to the CRM API
  • Reporting the capacity to Plan-IT Online via Maintenance.exe now always generates a log so that you can see that it has been started.
  • Added Sharebox link connection
  • The logging now also records whether the Rentwise XML e-mail has been sent.
  • The logging now also records whether a user has chosen "No" when asked whether the "replacement transport mail" should be sent.
  • Fueltank contents has been added as a variable in the replacement transport work order. Both the contents upon departure and upon return. This is also printed on the agreement
  • With the status "Car Driving" for the replacement vehicle, you will now also see a popup window to check whether the mileage and tank contents are correct.
  • With the status "Car Return" for the replacement vehicle, you now also have the option to enter the tank contents in the pop-up window for the final mileage.
  • Plan-IT now also sends a cancellation e-mail to the pick-up and delivery department if this has been set.
  • It is no longer possible to set the establishment to "Not visible" for a user in the management environment if this is the Default establishment.
  • Adjustment made in Rooster.exe so that it creates the annual run per establishment and not for all locations at once.


  • Wincar: We now also return to Wincar the license plate number and type of a selected Rentwise replacement vehicle.
  • Keyloop_API: Added option to also transfer work orders with "key out" to Plan-IT
  • Keyloop_API: It has now been made possible to leave the "customer date out" empty in Autoline if it concerns a waiting customer.
  • Keyloop_API: If an job already has the status COMPLETED when processing the work order, we no longer count the time when importing the work order.
  • Keyloop_API: Keyloop User now has its own database field separate from the PON API User
  • Wincar: More information is logged with the Wincar_Statuses and Wincar_Timeregistration connection.
  • It has been made possible to access the Autoline PON API integration with a certificate.


  • Printing of the tires now also works well if there is only 1 warehouse.
  • Export.exe now works properly if you enter a different export path.
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