New release: Plan-IT Workshop version 7.191.3940 available


Since September 26th 2023, a new version of Plan-IT Workshop is available.

You can find the Update Procedure here.

When you have questions regarding the new release, then please contact our helpdesk via: or via 0031 85-2362500

Plan-IT Workshop version 7.191.3940

Changes / Additions

  • If replacement vehicle has been selected for a reservation, then this is also visually visible as a border around the reservation (same as with the workorder).
  • It is now possible to view the default online specialties of a technician with a mouseover. (System setting)
  • If a user has viewing rights, the autorefresh is also immediately turned on, so that this Plan-IT can be displayed on a TV in the workshop.
  • It is now possible to connect to Adimit via the SMS module. This allows WhatsApp messages to be sent to customers.
  • Action types are now included in the logging. This allows users to filter the log by action.
  • Added the option to display a red bar under the technician if they are in overcapacity. This allows you to quickly see whether planning is still allowed.
  • From Plan-IT you can now go directly to the website with the FAQ, Release Notes or Help


  • All Autoline tasks now also log the set parameters at startup.
  • Added sorting by work order number in the Keyloop API


  • If the overview has more than 30 work orders, these are now displayed properly again.
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