New release: Plan-IT Workshop version 7.191.3947 available


Since June 3rd 2024, a new version of Plan-IT Workshop is available.

You can find the Update Procedure here.

When you have questions regarding the new release, then please contact our helpdesk via: or via 0031 85-2362500

Plan-IT Workshop version 7.191.3947

Changes / Additions

  • Added the possibility to save replacement transport as a PDF on a specified path.

  • It is now possible to start a WhatsApp conversation with Eazy from Plan-IT

  • Made it possible to automatically request the tires from DBB if a tyre change is needed.

  • Added the possibility to ask 2 questions for the replacement transport. These are also shown on the replacement transport printout.

  • CCH files are automatically deleted after the SQL database update, so that mistakes in the order of the steps of the update procedure for SQL cause fewer problems.

  • Export added (export 11) where Plan-IT will look at the next date where the total availability in the workshop can plan 1.5 hours.(FIRST_AVAILABLE_DATE)

  • The AutoRefresh option for a user with View rights now also collects the reservations from Plan-IT Online.

  • When printing the work order, the time is now displayed more nicely: 08:00 instead of 800

  • Added check whether login and password are filled in when the online module is enabled.

  • The popup of the specialties on the planning board now also shows ERROR if a specialty is linked that no longer exists online. (so you can see more quickly if a specialty is not correctly linked)

  • In the management window, the selection on rights now remains when a user is converted into rights.

  • It is no longer allowed to edit or create receptionists as a user.

  • It is no longer allowed to view statistics as a user.

  • The technicians' schedules are now displayed in descending order (newest item on top)

  • When printing the tire labels, an additional question now appears as to whether the first label should be printed an additional time.

  • Check for overcapacity is not done if the replace reservation option for DMS work order is done.

  • Check for time not available will not be performed if you have enabled the option that you do not want to be able to place work orders over reservations if the license plate number of the reservation matches the license plate number of the work order. (this makes it easier to replace the reservation for a DMS work order without notifications, even if the capacity is almost full)

  • Extra check added to the reports so that no error message is displayed if there is a difference in fields.


  • Wincar API connection (full integration with Wincar via APIs)

  • Added connection with conneqtech to retrieve the current mileage and tank contents of the replacement vehicles.

  • It is now possible with the iDas connection to filter by license plate number in the import list.

  • The Keyloop API also checks whether the old work order number format exists in Plan-IT so that the transition from ODBC to API runs smoother with the old work orders that were already in Plan-IT via the ODBC import.

  • Transferring iDas calendar now first removes all calendar days from Plan-iT Workshop and then adds everything from iDas. This is to ensure that days that we do not receive from the API are removed from Plan-IT Workshop.

  • ProPlanner connection is now given 'PinResource: false' when scheduling an appointment.

  • Change in Rentwise API connection. If the driver and owner have a different customer number, the renter will be set to Rentwise IsCompany true.

  • Change in Rentwise API connection. Any data that does not exist in Plan-IT Workshop will no longer be included in the tags in the Rentwise API (driving license and passport number).

  • ProPlanner connection is now also possible to enter the RentalTypeID in the system settings of Plan-IT Workshop.

  • In the XML connection, the fine for not refueling the car is only passed on if it is a car, while in the case of a bicycle it remains empty.


  • Fix in max number of customers waiting notification for iCar users. These were not getting notifications to max customers waiting at a specific agreed time

  • Export Wincar now exports foreign characters in the technician name correctly.

  • ENTER is filtered out of the work order comment for the CRM API when uploading the data.

  • In the iDas connection, characters that may not appear in XML format are converted to a format that is supported by XML.
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